Friday, March 9, 2007

Upcoming Oracle BIWA SIG Webcasts

March 14, Learn about Oracle OLAP

March 21, Learn about Oracle Data Mining

March 28, Learn about Oracle Information Lifecycle Management

The Oracle Product Managers bring these webcasts direct to you PC, learn about the product, new features and ask any questions.

Visit to register and get more details.

Shyam Varan Nath

Monday, March 5, 2007

BIWA Webcast on Oracle Analytics using Inforsense

Visit to see the details on the series of talks on advanced Analytics:
  • March 7th, talk by Inforsense
  • March 14th on Oracle OLAP
  • March 21st on Oracle Data Mining

Also the call for papers for BIWA Summit 2007 (Oct 2-3 at Reston, VA) is now open. See for more details.

Shyam Varan Nath

Friday, March 2, 2007

Next Oracle BIWA webcast:
Managing your Analytics Process in Oracle
RaveenSharma, Rich Solari, InforSense
Date: Wed March 7, 2007. Time: 11:45 AM EST

Web presentation at:
Audio link: 888-967-2253 Audio meeting Id: 534705# Passcode: 334451#

The use of analytics in addressing business problems has gained strong momentum in many organizations over the last decade. Typical applications range from customer, supply chain and human resource management, to financial performance and cost management. Benefits of a successful analysis strategy include an improved ability to understand and target high value customer segments, improved marketing effectiveness and sales performance, as well as improved financial performance, credit-scoring and fraud detection.

A recent Harvard Business Review article surveyed 32 organizations at various stages in implementing their analytics frameworks. It identified three factors that need to be addressed effectively in any organization aiming to use analytics competitively in the marketplace. These are:

  • the availability of high quality data,
  • the availability of in-house quantitative/analytical expertise, and
  • the availability of a capable technology environment for developing, managing and deploying the analytics across the enterprise.

In this presentation we focus on the last point and describe the InforSense IOE (In Oracle Edition) platform, an easy-to-use analytics environment for Oracle users. InforSense IOE enables organizations to easily develop, deploy and manage their analytics whilst leveraging their existing Oracle investments. Advantages include reduced cycle times for developing and deploying flexible and re-usable analytics applications, user friendly interfaces for decision makers, and ease of integration and deployment of the analytics within existing business processes and applications.

InforSense Ltd., the leader in integrative analytics, enables organizations to orchestrate and optimize their business-critical decision-making processes. Leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology, consumer goods, financial services companies, and research institutes are using the company's flagship product, InforSense KDE, to enhance productivity across life science R&D, healthcare, and business analytics. The company is privately held, with European headquarters in London, UK and North American headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.