Friday, November 25, 2011

It's a lot of HADOOPapla these Days!

Hadoop is a fault-tolerant distributed system for data storage. It is highly scalable and useful for data (often unstructured data) beyond that are best stored in RDBMS . The scalability is the result of a Self-Healing High Bandwith Clustered Storage , known by the acronym of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and a specific fault-tolerant Distributed Processing, known as MapReduce.

Recently, Director of IT at JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) said, Hadoop allows them to store data that they never stored before. It can include Web logs, TX data  and social media related data. While enterprise wide security concerns still prevail for Hadoop, it is slowly growing its footprint.  As in case of JPMC, it is being used for fraud detection and IT risk management. Aggregated forms of such data also feeds data mining and other advanced analytics tools. eBay uses Hbase database for Hadoop. 

HBase is an open source, non-relational, distributed database modeled after Google's BigTable. It is written using Java. It runs on top of HDFS and provides BigTable-like capabilities for Hadoop. Hence, it provides a fault-tolerant way of storing large quantities of sparse data. For eBay, it helps to build a new search engine for its auction use. They have code named this Cassini.  eBay handles 2 billion site views amongst its 97 million active buyers and sellers. EBay has dedicated over 100 engineers to this project. 

In light of these developments, it was no surprise that Oracle stepped in a big way in to this space with the Oracle Big Data Appliance. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BIWA SIG Techcast : Oracle Enterprise "R" Nov 30, noon EST

Subject: Webinar: Using Oracle R Enterprise -- Nov 30, noon EST
Date: November 22, 2011 11:55:15 AM EST

Analytic friends: Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oracle BIWA SIG is hosting a webinar next week that I think might interest many of you.  Here's the info about it.

Webinar: Using R within Oracle -- Nov 30, noon EST
Oracle now supports the R open source statistical programming language. Come to this webinar to learn more about using R within an Oracle environment.

-- URL for TechCast:
-- Web Conference ID: 303397
-- Web Conference Key: 608880
-- Dialup: 1-866-682-4770, ID 5548204, passcode 1234

After a steady rise in the past few years, in 2010 the open source data mining software R overtook other tools to become the tool used by more data miners (43%) than any other (

Several analytic tool vendors have added R-integration to their software. However, Oracle is the largest company to throw their weight behind R. On October 3, Oracle unveiled their integration of R: Oracle R Enterprise ( as part of their Oracle Big Data Appliance announcement (

Oracle R Enterprise allows users to perform statistical analysis with advanced visualization on data stored in Oracle Database. Oracle R Enterprise enables scalable R solutions, while facilitating production deployment of R scripts and Hadoop based solutions, as well as integration of R results with Oracle BI Publisher and OBIEE dashboards.

This TechCast introduces the various Oracle R Enterprise components and features, along with R script demonstrations that interface with Oracle Database.

TechCast presenter: Mark Hornick, Senior Manager, Oracle Advanced Analytics Development.
This TechCast is part of the ongoing TechCasts series coordinated by Oracle BIWA: The BI, Warehousing and Analytics SIG (

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summary of Oracle Openworld 2011

Once I was at Oracle Openworld 2011, it became so engaging between my speaking sessions, Customer Panel, Keynote sessions, IBM (GBS) booth duty, customer meetings and all the "appreciation" events, that I could not find time to update the blog sooner. I was able to Tweet regularly as it is so much easier to do that from a Smartphone as against need for portable PC or Tablet for blogging. So I decided to summarize my impressions of OOW 2011 here.

While Oracle Exadata and Exalogic have been around for some time, it is now clear that Oracle is focusing on an appliance or "engineered" system like approach. While industry cynics say it is Oracle's approach to "lock" the customer into single vendor, really speaking the trend was started by likes of Teradata and Netezza who build machines for specific purposes be it data warehousing or something similar. Greenplum, Vertica, Aster Data, PacAccel are some of the ones to follow and their subsequent acquisitions ( IBM-Netezza, HP-Vertica etc) states that "appliance" like trend is no longer an exclusive club. It is just as fashionable as each large player acquiring a BI company (Oracle-Siebel, IBM-Cognos, SAP -Business Objects).  More recently SAP launching HANA ( in-memory platform for high performance analytics), clearly set the tone for extending these boxes to more specific uses and Oracle Exalytics for in-memory BI and Big Data appliance for extending the enterprise to unstructured data with "not only SQL" or "NoSQL" approach.

If you would like to provide some of your feedback on this topic, please check this site:

With the announcement of so many appliances, some of the other major announcements like:

  • General Availability of Fusion Applications with 200 early adopter customers for parts of Fusion Apps
  • Oracle Public Cloud offering 
  • Oracle Social Network 
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  
  • and few other ones that I have missed
One software front, upcoming features of OBIEE were discussed. Another important point is that OBIEE and Essbase software versions that will run on Exalytics will be same as on non-Exalytics platform. Only the config switches will be different for options like "visualization at speed of thought."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2011 - Sunday

The OOW 11 has 45,000 attendees from 117 countries as per Judy Sims at the 5:30 PM keynote. It has 380,000 customers. The Sunday is marked by User Group and SIG event from 9am to 5 PM. The BIWA SIG had 6 sessions in Moscone West 2003 all day long.

The key announcement expected in the keynote from Larry is Exalytics or the BI appliance on the lines of Exadata family. This "appliance" is likely to empower OBIEE for "visualization at speed of thought."  Oracle set the stage for this when OBIEE had support for Times Ten the in-memory engine. Besides, SAP with HANA has set the tome for the need of dedicated hardware for BI at the speeds users "desire."

Chairmen of the Board Jeff Henley is now awarding the Oracle Excellence Awards for 2011. The winners are on the stage now. Deloitte got the middleware partner of the year CapGemini got the applications partner and Accenture the Industry partner. These are the Specialized Partners of the Year 2011.

The stage is now under the influence of the "Giants" the local baseball team.  Larry Baer of Giants is Welcoming Larry Ellison.   Is seems that Larry Ellison is getting a "ring."

Larry is setting the stage with Exadata and Exalogic for Exalytics - the "engineered" system.   Exadata and Exalogic use the Parallel architecture to get 10X speedup for data movement. Seems like this year Larry will continue to talk about IBM in his keynote!

If you move the data from the database in compressed form closer to the processor, then you reduce data access time by 1/10... this is the stage for any in-memory type of appliance ...aka Exalytics.

Pol, BNP Parribas, P&G, Merck and Turkcell are the reference customers for Exadata, in Larry's talk. He says that performance speedup 10X  is no longer a "unbelievable" truth!   Interesting Ferhat from Turkcell was in my Exadata Customer Panel today.  They are the 3rd largest Teclco provider in Europe.  AFG, China obile, Sogeti (CapGemini) and Commonwealth Bank are the OLTP references for Exadata. This is interesting as many people asked in the Customer Panel if Exadata is the right fit for OLTP only environment vs for DW and mixed load environments.

Exadata is Database tier, Exalogic is Middleware tier so the customers who are adopting it are Deutsche Post, Square Two, BNP Paribas, Northern Trust and TravelSky are the early Exalogic customers. Larry says Exalogic adoption is increasing now and customers are able to deploy it in 1 week, and customers are getting 10-50 X performance.  Other customers for packaged applications are Banco de Chile, NII holdings, Suncorp (EBS), PHH Corporation (PeopleSoft and EBS) and Haier are the other Exalogic customers.  In general customers for Oracle EBS and Siebel Application are seeing 3-4X performance improvements for essentially non-Java applications.

Now Larry is talking about SPARC SuperCluster powered by SPARC and Solaris (as against x86 and Linux).  It is a general purpose computer with Solaris 10 and 11 versions.  It has Exadata and Exalogic power. I had tounted the idea of Half Exadata and Half Exalogic boxes,  it seems this box is on those lines but with SPARC footprint. Larry says Oracle is committed to Solaris it has a large install base.
Larry calls is parallel everything architecture.   SPARC SuperCluster uses T4 microprocessor an is 5X faster than T3 processor. Larry claims that it is faster than P7 (PowerPC 7 series) processors.   Larry says P7 is faster for integer arithmetic but T4 is faster for Java - which is what most businesses run. IBM uses P7 for Watson the computer than can think like humans (Jeopardy!). It uses ZFS Storage appliance which now support HCC.   It supports 1.2M IOPS with Exadata Storage cells.

The SUN sets and then SUN rises again!   Larry is proud of the SUN engineering team. Larry implies SUN and SPARC are here to stay.

Now Larry announces Exalytics,  the box has 1 TB DRAM, but supports compression. It has 40 CPU cores Intel Xeon. It has H/W scan rates of 200 Gigabytes per second. It has 40 GBPS Infiniband.

Exalytics comes with BI Foundation Suite, In-memory Analytics and Essbase & Times Ten.  This allows parallel versions of OBIEE, Essbase etc... This allows Essbase to complete with OLAP on Exadata on performance.  Larry mentions that Exalytics box can analyze relational, multi-dimensional as wells as unstructured data in compressed form, from the memory.  Exalytics can work with Exadata to get better query performance and then do the parallel memory scans for speed-of-though interactive analysis. EXALYTICS has heuristic adaptive in-memory cache that decides what gets stored in-memory. It adapts to  change in analytic workload.   Similar queries run again and again can benefit from the adaptive cache. It is self-tuning with human override.   Background process with decide what data to keep in the cache based on analysis of the queries.  Hence, an optimal "datamart" is kept in the memory.  In ideal case, there may be almost no disk / DB access after sufficient data is cached.

The performance of this BI Appliance, was around 1 sec for most queries. Average performance boost is 18X, based on some long running analytic queries.

Friday, September 30, 2011

BIWA SIG at Oracle Openworld 2011

BIWA SIG at Oracle Openworld 2011
Oct 2, Sunday at Moscone Center West: 

Session ID:  27800, by Dan Vlamis
Fast Complex BI Analysis  with Oracle OLAP

Session ID:  27201 by Mark Rittman 
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Architecture and Internals

Session ID:  27380 by Shyam Varan Nath / Florian Schouten
OBIEE and Oracle BI Apps New Directions and Case Studies

Session ID: 31480 by Carl Dudley
Analytic Functions Revisited 

Session ID:  27241 by Richard Solari/Ryan Hoffmeister
OBIEE 11G, Case studies and Lessons on OBIEE 10G / 7.9.6 Customers

Session ID:  27180 by Ian Abramson
Big Data: Are you Ready?


Call for Speakers for "BIWA Summit " at COLLABORATE 2012 closes on Oct 14!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vlamis to Give OBIEE 11g Hands-on Session at NEOOUG

Dan Vlamis will be the featured speaker in Cleveland, Ohio at the NorthEast Ohio Oracle User Group meeting on September 16, 2011.

Dan's presentations include:

  • How Executives Visualize Corporate Data with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g
  • Fast Complex Analysis with Oracle OLAP
  • Hands On with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

The final presentation will include a quick overview of the changes in OBIEE 11g. Bring your laptop for a unique experience as you get to experience for yourself just how easy it is to create a simple dashboard yourself in OBIEE 11g. Be sure to have a browser configured for wireless internet access so you can participate yourself!

For more details, see the NEOOUG Home page or the presentations page at

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Co-opetition at it's Best - IBM is Now Diamond Partner of Oracle (OPN)

People are often drawn to the fierce battle between the technology giants such as Oracle and SAP for business software (ERP) and IBM, HP and Oracle (Sun) for high end servers. However, there the reality is IBM Global Business Services (GBS) is the largest Oracle System Integrator (SI). Let me quote a Tweet here:


#IBM and #Oracle – They work a lot closer together than you think… Recent#Diamond Partner status of IBM is proof! #OPN

BIWA Techcast Aug 31, 2011 - How to Enhance Performance of OBIEE Tech Stack

Come join Sunil Ranka, from BIWA SIG Oracle ACE at 12:00 Noon (CT) on August 31 for the webinar
 How to Enhance Performance of OBIEE Tech Stack.   Ranka runs the gauntlet of issues surrounding performance enhancement, specifically in the key areas of:
-Database Tuning Techniques
-Cache Settings (not the documented)
-Dashboard Design
-Data Model Consideration
Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your Business Intelligence acumen from the comfort of your office. Register today:
Title: How to Enhance Performance of OBIEE Tech Stack
Speaker: Sunil Ranka, Oracle ACE, FCS, Inc.
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 31st at 12noon CT
Registration Link:

Audio will be streamed, recording and slides will be posted later, check for details

Shyam Varan

Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review - Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g R2: Getting Started 2011

I have been reading the book Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g R2: Getting Started 2011 and post my feedback here over next few days. The author is Bob Griesemer and publisher is Packt Publisher.  This edition is similar to the first version on OWB with the addition of a whole new Chapter 10 on code templates (knowledge modules - KM's from Oracle Data Intergrator - ODI) and a complete redoing of all the screen shots due to changes of the interface of the product.

More to come...

KScope 2011 (ODTUG Annual event) Summary

I will post the KScope summary here....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

KScope 2011 (ODTUG) Starts on June 25

KScope (earlier called Kaleidoscope) started today. It is organized by Oracle Development Tools User Group. This time it is in Long Beach, CA, just South of Los Angeles.  The first day (Sat June 25) is the Community service day. It was great to see many familiar faces who helped to paint and clean up the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach. We gathered near the conference venue at 8 AM, got our lemon green T-shirts and headed to the place in two buses. I helped paint the basket ball court  and its lines.

The day started with us gathering for breakfast, that was time for meet and greet, before taking the bus to the Boys and Girls Club. It was nice to see many conference attendees brought their local firends / relatives including kids.

Look forward to the BI / EPM Symposium tomorrow. (more to come...)

Monday, May 30, 2011

BIWA Techcast related Q&A - OBIEE

Oracle BI Released – OBIEE 11g Changes and New Features (Webinar Questions)

We had two BIWA Techcasts on May 18 and May 25, 2011 with focus on OBIEE and BI Apps There were many questions on OBIEE and we decided to capture the questions and answer them over time here:

What about android or Blackberry support?
A   The Mobile BI support for iPhone and iPad were native in The next release is expected to have support for Andriod followed by support for Win OS. blackberry support will be in the future.

Q Does this still require database access during installation?
A The RCU part of installation requires a relational repository. This is the part common for Fusion Middleware (FMW) and not specifically the OBIEE part but is required. The OBIEE rpd will remain as a file
  Are connection methods same for all OLAPs from various technologies? What approach of connection to SSAS?
  Have support for multiple hierarchies been extended to include value-based hierarchies?
  How easy is the SAP BW Native connectivity, same as Oracle OLAP?  Any additional work to retain the hierarchal structures?
  Any comments/suggestions with respect to the skill sets required for establishing the business model and mapping layer in the CEIM, and the critical nature of this step?
  Has support for multiple RPDs been implemented?
  Can you selectively collapse tables on the Business Diagram?
  I have an issue with annoying "transactional update" been resolved in the Admin Tool?
  MS Office 2010 is certified for OBIEE
  Can you show the segmentation interface and features?
  Are there any enhancements to the Office Add-in.   In particular, ability to use hierarchical columns in pivottables inserted into Excel, or a workaround?  And ability to have attribute columns across the top of a pivottable as seen inserted in Excel?
  Adding to my last question, are there any good tutorials on the Office Add-in?
  Please share info on version management and MUDE in
  Has Discoverer metadata support changed a bit in the newest release?
  Would appreciated any comments regarding multi-user development and the configuration management of the RPD (CEIM metadata) – suggest any best practices.
  For map views on dashboards, do we need to download and configure NAVTEQ maps separately? Is this a separate license?
  Would you please provide details on What OOTB (Out of the box) Hierarchies available in this release? Where can I access the list of Hierarchies available? Can we still use DRM Hierarchy Manager to maintain those Hierarchies?
  Request method for SSAS access from BI Admin Tool.
  Question To Alan Lee: Where do we get the document that has the list of bugs fixed in .5
  Anything new on SAP BW connections
  I could not see link for SSAS in your demo amongst others.
  Can you talk a little bit about the integration points between and JDeveloper ADF
  Question to Bob Ertl: we noticed performance issue on in IE7. Was there any changes done to specifically address the performance in .5
  Could you please elaborate more on your slide 33 "oracle BI 10g upgrade" in terms of LOE to do an upgrade to
  Can you show the segmentation interface and features?
  Are there any improvements in OBIEE 11g with terms of managing Group Names while doing an Integration with LDAP / AD from 10g?

BI Forum at Atlanta, May 25-27, 2011 at Atlanta.

I was at the BI Forum last week, which is a niche OBIEE centric event. After holding 3 of these events in UK, Rittman brought is over to Atlanta. In a nutshell was it was 1 day of OBIEE 11g masterclass followed by 10 speakers in next two days. With only 55 attendees, it was limited to be a small event allowing attendees to interactive with each other. My talk's focus was on BI Applications ( and it was on Friday. The biggest concern raised during the Q&A was a lack of systematic way to port OBIEE side customizations as you migrates from one version of BI Apps to next. One of my suggestions was to look at reimplementation approach, such as a customer on EBS R 11.5.10 with OBIA 7.9.5 planning to go to R12.1.x and (with OBIEE 11g). When the migration is over such a large change, just like reimplementation approach to ERP, it may be worthwhile to look at OBIA for similar reimplementation approach, where you install (with OBIEE 11g, Informatica 9.0.x) and then decide which customizations needs rebuilt or porting.

The main focus was OBIEE 11g with good coverage of the release, that came out on May 6. I think the massive changes in the security framework was a big concern, specially by the end-users who are the prospective adopters of OBIEE 11g. Here are the two presentations on the OBIEE 11g security:
One is by Adam Bloom from the UK event (
and another by Suyog Rao in the Atlanta event

I found one additional security blog that looks useful:

It was my first chance to meet Philippe Lions the Product Manager for OBIEE from France. He gave an overview of the new features and the updated sample app for (

Mobile BI has taken a new stride with the out of box support for iPad and iPhone and Kevin McGinley did a great job in is talk. (
His talk was voted the top talk of the Atlanta event. His slides do not do justice to his actual presentation that he did from iPad!

Mark and Stewart did a great job overall in hosting this event as well as in their own talks. The event being in Atlanta, where I spent a good part of 2009 for my OBIEE related client project, allowed me to go and meet them as well.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BIWA Techcast: Oracle BI Released – OBIEE 11g Changes and New Features, May 25, noon ET

"Oracle BI Released – OBIEE 11g Changes and New Features"

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g was a huge release.  When OBIEE 11g was introduced, the font size had to be so small to fit all of the important new features on one PowerPoint slide, that it was unreadable.  Now, in May 2011, Oracle has issued the first patch release for OBIEE 11g, version  Arguably, the biggest news on this release is that it is the first patch release since 11g was launched with version in August, 2010 ( was skipped).  For those that were waiting for the first patch release, you no longer have that excuse for waiting to move to 11g of OBIEE.

Other notable features in version include:
•          Full support for the Apple iPad
•          Full support for OLAP sources including Essbase and Oracle OLAP
•          Support for Oracle BI Applications release
•          New support for Oracle TimesTen, MS SQL Server Analytic Services, and SAP BW
•          Reduced memory requirements for Weblogic and streamlined install process
•          64-bit BI Admin Tool
•          New visualizations in the BI Admin tool

In this BIWA TechCast, Dan Vlamis, President of Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. and BIWA Board member will show off several of these and other new features in a live demonstration.  Dan will also briefly touch on features introduced in OBIEE, including new visualizations, Action Framework, map views, and OLAP-style interaction.  Dan will be joined by Oracle product management so they can answer questions you may have on these features and other topics related to Oracle Business Intelligence.
For more information on how to connect to this free TechCast to be held May 25, from 11:00am to 12:00pm, see to register. to register.

Slides are now posted at:
Presentation posted here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BIWA Techcast May 18, 2011 - Q&A

Thanks to 100+ attendees  and Robert Davis of Oracle for the Techcast today. Slides are now posted here (
We will use this blog to respond to the questions from the Q&A session.

Q Application is supported by 11g or not?    Oracle certifies OBIEE only with  It supports 7.9.6 and higher with OBIEE 11g but you will have to do the platform upgrade yourself.   I personally would not recommend using with OBIEE 11g. You are also on older Informatica with and will soon get out of support.

Q Would you please comment on how OBIEE 11g uses DRM to manage the Hierarchies?    DRM is a product to manage dimensional hierarchies.  I am not aware of a way to import hierarchies from DRM into OBIEE 11g.

Q What is the difference in Role and Group based Security?  Refer slide 39 and 40 of the slides

 Q What has changed in Marketing Segmentation?   (

Q Are all existing issues fixed?  A lot of issues are in OBIEE (fixes from e.g. BUG:12339862 - DESCRIPTOR ID ENABLED COLUMNS DOES NOT SUPPORT SEARCH ON TEXTUAL FILTER VALUES  Oracle will release a list of issues fixed in

Q Is the flash issue fixed in iPad. Apple does not support Flash
Also can we see dashboards and prompts in the native app   See slide 53, 54

Q Thanks a lot for the Presentation.I am interested about the quality of this new release, whether the issues/bugs from previous releases are fixed?  How stable is the .5 release? See last question

Q Any updates on Hyperion Workspace Integration with this was supported in 10G and not in 11g release 1?  Scheduled for   (Yes Oracle says it will not skip to!)

Q What new subject areas have been added?   No new subject areas in, same data model as

Q Are there any tools for Migrating our Discoverer Reporting System to OBIEE?   For EUL to RPD but not for Workbooks to Reports/Dashboards

Q What is your assessment from a skills perspective if we want to go with and 11g for a new install at a client? The implementation resources may be experienced in or before.
The implementer needs skills in OBIEE 11g and WLS, not much of difference in Informatica and DAC.

Q Do you recommend moving the OBIEE platform to using and load the data warehouse using INFA 8.6.1? Is this a recommended approach from Oracle?
Informatica 8.6.x will be de-supported soon, so use Informatica 9.0.x

...more to come

  How does cascading prompt differ from 10g linked prompts?
  Are both DAC patches 10052370 and 12381656 needed or the last one superseeds the former?
  Does the Real-time reporting in 11g is faster and reliable
  Do we have a DEMO / TRAINING Database out of the box for this version?
  Is it supported IBM COGNOS TM1 as a source for OBIEE 10g or 11g?
  We have been facing intermittent server crash
  What Oracle db versions are supported as OBIEE 11g on Oracle 11g gives message as db version not supported?

  Or only support essbasemulti-dimensionaldatabase?
  It was mentioned that Informatica would be continued to be supported (7.9.7.x). How do we see future releases post 7.9x wrt support for Informatica?
  Also, it is supported on Oracle Db 10g version?
  BIAPPS can only run on windows machine (obiee11gr5 installed) - any future plans on pointing the bia installer to an installation of obiee 1115 on a unix machine?
  What is the major advantage of informatica9.1?Compared the 8.6 version?
  Are SAML tokens supported in the OBIEE suite?
  Can we import cognos cubes to OBIEE?
  What are the differences between informatica 9 and 8.6 version. Could you please explain?
  If there are more than 6-7 reports in the dashboard, how does it display in the iPad?
  What tool(s) are used by designers for multidimensional modeling to build the CEIM?
  Do we need to be always connected in the iPad (or) will the dashboards work in Disconnected mode
  Any performance improvements in around better SDE queries etc, dac orchestration?
  Do drillups work in 11g?
       How is has the Version Control and Multiuser Development improved?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneak Peak to Oracle BI Apps

Come to my webcast on May 18, 2011, noon ET and find out what is new in the BI Apps / OBIEE 11.1.15 - the dynamic duo!

Topics include new features like:

  • Certification for OBIEE
  • iPad and iPhone support for out of box BI apps content
  • Informatica 9.0.1 support for ETL
  • Teradata 13.10 support
  • Oracle EBS 12.1.3 support

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Webcast: Oracle BI Applications and OBIEE – New Developments - May 18, 2011, noon EST

    Please join us for a BIWA SIG Webcast on May 18, noon EST
    Here is the url to register
    You can dial in to listen or use web audio
    Recording posted here
    Are you able to unlock all the information that your users are looking for, from the ERP and other operational systems? This session will look at the Oracle Business Intelligence solutions with focus on OBIEE and Oracle BI Applications. We will cover the different scenarios for BI solutions and discuss custom development using OBIEE v/s using pre-packaged BI Applications as the framework. We will cover new developments such as Oracle BI Apps and its certification with OBIEE 11g. Learn what is new in OBIEE and how that impacts BI Application implementations. Taking a few case studies, we will look at feasible options whether you are on OBIEE 10 g or on OBIEE 11g to plan to migrate. Learn the tips and tricks from the field. Learn how mobile BI (support for iPhone and iPad from OBIEE) is adding new meaning to pervasive BI.

    Shyam V. Nath, OBIEE Architect at IBM, will cover the different scenarios for BI solutions and discuss custom development using OBIEE v/s using pre-packaged BI Applications as the framework. Drawing on his deep expertise in the industry, he will also cover new developments like Oracle BI Apps and its certification with OBIEE 11g. Learn tips and tricks from the field, and how mobile BI (support for iPhone and iPad from OBIEE) is adding new meaning to pervasive BI.


    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Installing BI apps with OBIEE

    In BI apps, Informatica gets a face list just the the BI platform are a few Informatica 9.0.1 installation screen shots...

    OBIEE and OBIA

    The formal announcements have started flowing in now...though the social media was active yesterday and I had downloaded parts of the software...I pasted some screenshots last evening...

     Oracle EPM and BI 

    Win x86 32/64-bit, Linux x86 32/64-bit, Sun Solaris SPARC (64-bit) available for  BI   

     Oracle EPM and BI 
     by shyamvaran

     Business Intelligence Applications, v. also available for download from OTN  

    The documentation is available now here

    Informatica 9.0.1 Hot fix 2 (OEM PowerCenter is listed as the ancillary supported program...nothing about the DAC 11g yet...

    • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications V7.9.6.3 requires Oracle BusinessIntelligence Enterprise Edition V11.   (so if you have or 10g you have to upgrade the BI platform)
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications V7.9.6.3 requires Informatica PowerCenter V9.0.1. Hotfix 2  (you cannot stay on 8.6.1 any more) 
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications V7.9.6.3 requires Oracle Data Warehouse Console V10.

    Due to OBIEE 11g infrastructure based on Web logic you need to be aware of the new security paradigm. Now to open the OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd file in Oracle BI Administration Tool, you must specify the Administrator\Admin123 credentials. The SADMIN is gone...

    The DAC requires a mandatory patchset for use with

    "Oracle Business Intelligence Applications V7.9.6.3 is supported on and requires Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC) platform
    Version with Patch 10052370."  If you feel like reading the full docs, they are here