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BIWA Virtual Summit 2012 - Abstracts and Details

BIWA Virtual Summit 2012 (Aug 15 - 16), 11 AM to 5 PM ET 

From Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics  (Day 1 Keynote)
James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions

Abstract: The data you have, the way you analyze it, and the way you act on this analysis drives better business outcomes.  James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, Faculty Member at International Institute for Analytics and the leading expert in Decision Management shows that to make the most of your data, you need to do more than just adopt predictive analytics - you need to deeply embed predictive analytics in your day to day operational systems. Companies that use predictive analytics to get more value from their data are outperforming their competitors in areas such as underwriting, origination, marketing, customer retention, fraud detection, collections and more. In this opening keynote, James shows you how to build on your investments in BI - reporting, visualization and dashboards – and achieve success with predictive analytics


Oracle Advanced Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Exalytics—What, Where, When? 
Charlie Berger, Snr Director, Oracle

Abstract: This session introduces Oracle Advanced Analytics and its two components:  Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise.  The power of Oracle Advanced Analytics is accessible through both SQL and the R programming language. Oracle Data Mining (ODM) provides data mining algorithms that run as native SQL functions for high performance in-database model building and model deployment. Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) tightly integrates the open source R language for statistical computing and graphics with the database.   Together with Exadata, Exalytics, Oracle BI, Oracle Real-time Decisions and the Big Data Appliance, customers are now offered an wide array of analytical functionality—all from Oracle.  This presentation will help customers better understand the positioning and use cases, or What, Where and When? of Oracle Advanced Analytics, how they relate with other Oracle products and technologies and then provide deeper dive detail specifically on Oracle Data Mining’s SQL based in-Database predictive analytics.

Bio: Charlie Berger | Sr. Director of Product Management, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics.  Charlie Berger has over 25 years of experience in data analysis sofware at Oracle, Thinking Machines, Bolt, Beranek and Newman, and elsewhere.  He is responsible for product management and direction for the Oracle Databases' data mining and predictive analytics technology including Oracle Data Mining, text mining and statistical functions. Previously, he was the VP of Marketing at Thinking Machines prior to its acquisition by Oracle in 1999.  Charlie is an evangelist and frequent speaker in the field of predictive analytics and data mining.  He is a co-founder of the Oracle BIWA SIG and currently serves as BIWA’s Oracle Advisory Council and was the recently the recipient of the IOUG’s “Ken Jacob’s Award” in 2010 for the Oracle Employee who most contributes to the Oracle user community. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Boston University as well as a Bachelor of Sciences in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Oracle in an Integrated Big Data & Analytics Infrastructure 
Robert Stackowiak, VP Oracle

Abstract: While Big Data initiatives often start as R&D experiments, when these experiments show value and are moved into production, business analysts drive demand for access using their existing business intelligence and analytics tools and data warehouse infrastructure.  This presentation describes the common lifecycle in deployment of these solutions that Oracle has observed as organizations move from data silos to integrated solutions.  It frames when and how the various Oracle and Cloudera components come together in forming these solutions.

Robert Stackowiak, Vice President of Data Systems Architecture & Business Intelligence in Oracle’s Enterprise Solutions Group, is recognized worldwide for his expertise in Oracle data warehousing, Big Data strategy, and business intelligence technologies and solutions.  He has spoken at many conferences and events around the world and has authored articles and books on business intelligence and database technology including “Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata” (Oracle Press), “Oracle Essentials: Oracle Database 11g” (O’Reilly Media), and “Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions” (Wiley).  Follow him on Twitter @rstackow.

Uncover the Value in Big Data with Oracle's Big Data Platform
Marty Gubar, Oracle Big Data Product Management

Abstract: Weblogs, social media, smart meters, sensors, and other devices generate high volumes of fast-moving data. Hidden within this massive influx of data are important nuggets of information that are critical to the success of your enterprise.  This session will describe how to uncover that information utilizing big data technologies.  You will learn how to collect these massive data volumes, distill that data into meaningful entities and then analyze that information to gain valuable insights.

Bio: Marty has 20 years of experience working Oracle BI and data warehousing technology - and now is focusing on Oracle's Big Data Platform.


Visualizing OLAP Data With Multiple Products 
Dan Vlamis, Vlamis Inc.

Abstract:  When business people want to perform analysis, they need data that is aggregated and broken down by some sort of dimensions.  While relational databases can aggregate this data on the fly, they often are not fast enough.  The common approach to solving this problem is to store data in some sort of multi-dimensional cube structure.  The Oracle database can store this data inside the Oracle database using a natural structure called a cube.

Cubes are natural ways for data to be stored, especially when users want to visualize data using dimensions such as TIME, GEOGRAPHY, or PRODUCT, or any other dimensions that users want to perform analyses on. In this presentation, we will briefly describe cube data in Oracle OLAP and then focus on ways that cube data can be visualized.  We will show multiple products including Oracle BI, as well as other products that can access OLAP data via Simba's MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP, such as Microsoft Excel, arcplan, DeltaMaster, and many others. Come see Oracle OLAP in action using several different visualization tools.

Day 2 Aug 16, 2012
Introduction to Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Matthew L. Brandwein, 
Principal Product Mgr Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Abstract: This session introduces Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, the latest addition to Oracle's Business Analytics portfolio. Learn how Oracle Endeca Information Discovery helps business users get fast answers to new questions by allowing them to explore and analyze diverse and unstructured data, draw insights and meaningful conclusions, and make more informed decisions.

Bio: Matt is a lead product manager for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. He has been with Endeca, and now Oracle, for over 7 years in a variety of roles. Prior to joining the product management team, he spent several years in Endeca's strategic consulting group helping customers gain the most value from Endeca products. Before that, he developed software to connect physicians and patients at WebMD. He holds degrees in computer science and mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Essbase Predictive Analytics and Budgeting  
Jeff Shauer, JS Business Intelligence

Abstract: This session will show How to use Essbase to perform Predictive Analytics and Budgeting using ASO cubes.  It will also cover how to design to ensure an optimized deployment. Finally, it will walk through how to do forecasting with Essbase and then integrate that within a budget.

Bio:  Jeff has worked in the business intelligence field for over 10 years providing multidimensional OLAP budgeting and analytical solutions.  Jeff is the owner of the Washington DC based JS Business Intelligence consultancy that builds and creates business intelligence solutions.


Performance Tuning OBIEE 11G
Sunil Ranka, FCS

Abstract: During the conversation, we will talk about different avenue and prospect for improvising OBIEE 11G techstack for better performance. We will talk about the approach we need to take. Also take Exalytics into consideration and talk about how to avoid performance bottle necks not from technology standpoint but from requirement/presentation stand point. Also I will touch upon some of the real life experiences.

Bio: Sunil S Ranka has 11+ years of technology experience in management, software architecture, customization, integration and overall SDLC, including enterprise and data warehousing applications. In the recent past his focus has been as BI Data Warehouse Architect in Siebel Analytics and Oracle OBIEE this includes knowledge of installation and configuration of OBIEE (or Siebel Analytics), as well as solution development. He is one of the Board Of Director for BIWA SIG (Special Interest Group). For his contribution to Oracle Technology and Community, he have been confirmed with Prestigious Oracle ACE Award.

All Your Reports Easier and Faster with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
Mike Donohue, Oracle

Abstract: Learn how organizations are getting their reports and documents faster and easier using BI Publisher. Over 30 Oracle Applications and Products use BI Publisher for authoring, managing, and delivering all types of reports and documents. End users can easily design report layouts, using a browser or familiar desktop tools, greatly reducing the time and cost of developing and maintaining reports. IT can create data models from many data sources and use web services or Java APIs to build custom applications.

Bio: Mike has been involved with the development, testing, support, design and product management of database tools for over 20 years and enjoys helping customers use those tools to do their jobs better, faster and more easily.


See More. Act Fast ( BI Keynote)
Balaji Yelamanchili , VP Oracle
Join Balaji Yelamanchili as he unveil the latest advances in Oracle’s strategy for placing analytics into the hands of every one of your decision-makers—so that they can see more, think smarter, and act faster.

Learn about the latest developments in business intelligence technology and applications, advanced analytics, performance management applications, and engineered systems. You’ll find out how you can harness the exploding volumes of data being generated inside your organization—and beyond the firewall—to:

  • Deliver real-time intelligence to your mobile workforce globally
  • Forecast and plan at the speed of business
  • Accelerate your financial close and reporting process
  • Discover how Oracle business analytics can change the way you do business


Unlock the Value in Your ERP & CRM Data with Oracle BI Applications
Florian Schouten

Abstract:  The Oracle BI Applications are Oracle’s prebuilt suite of analytic applications and have recently been broadened and expanded to include new applications and significant enhancements. Understand why the Oracle BI Applications are an ideal solution for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel CRM, JD Edwards, Oracle Fusion and even SAP applications customers who want to extract more value from their investments and increase visibility into business performance. This session will profile the suite of applications, review the new products and enhancements, and discuss the strategy and roadmap. Learn how the Oracle BI Applications can help you convert insight into action to increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Bio: Florian Schouten has over 15 years of experience with ERP, BI, analytics and decision support. Currently Florian is responsible for the product management and strategy for Oracle’s BI Applications, a suite of pre-built analytic solutions across the various front office and back office functions in CRM and ERP systems. Prior to this role, Florian ran the development organization focused on building real-time analytic solutions for Fusion Applications called Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence. He came to Oracle via the PeopleSoft acquisition, where he held various product management and development roles related to analytics and performance management.


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